We are proud to serve the Denver metro area from our dentist office on Sloan’s Lake. Every member of our staff – including Roland the therapy dog – is focused on making our patients as comfortable as possible. We perform all manner of dental procedures. Learn more below!



Able to be completed in one simple trip to our office, cavity fillings are a very common dental procedure that are quick and simple. Our dentists will numb the site being operated on for your increased comfort, and then begin work. Using the finest dental equipment, we will clean the site, remove the infected area, then use filling to repair the hole, and lastly reshape the filling to fit your tooth perfectly. This easy, quick process will be over in a flash when you work with South Shore Dental, Denver’s premiere professional dentists at Sloan’s Lake.


For patients who have lost teeth, a dental implant is one of the most effective dental solutions available in the modern age. We have some of the best dental technology available in Denver. For the comfort of our patients, we have machines that can take x-rays of your mouth, entirely from the outside. Once we have an accurate analysis of your month, we create a perfect replica of your tooth, custom fit to your mouth. We always follow up with our patients to make sure that the implant is comfortable and functional, and it set properly in your mouth. We guarantee that you will be highly satisfied with your new dental implant from South Shore Dental. Reach out to South Shore Dental today for more information.


At South Shore Dental, our first obligation is to our patients, their comfort, and the quality of our work. All these shine through when you get your dentures from South Shore Dental. For patients needing full or partial dentures, South Shore Dental can find the right dental solution for you.

Dentures are easy to clean and maintain, as well as being almost indistinguishable from real teeth. All our dentures are custom made to fit your smile, and rest in your mouth comfortably.

Losing teeth can be impactful on a person’s life for numerous reasons. From eating, to social interaction, your teeth are just as vital as any other part of your body. If you’ve lost teeth, restore the vitality to your smile with full or partial dentures from South Shore Dental.

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